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FF XII Fic: In the Wake of Tommorrow, Ch 1

God help me, I think I've finished the first chapter of an epic long fic. ::looks in despair at the fragments of future chapters already cluttering up her hard drive::

Title: In The Wake of Tommorrow, Chapter 1
Fandom: Final Fantasy XII
Pairings: Primarily Penelo X Larsa, some Penelo X Vayne and Penelo X Vaan later
Rating: R, NC-17 Later
Summary: The House of Solidor has always bred extraordinary men, as Penelo learned to both her joy and regret. An AU fic that takes place in a slightly altered version of the main game story line and centers around Penelo, Larsa, and anything and everything they managed to do together.

Cut to the fanfic on my journal.
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